8.29.10 - 8bitSF presents: Anamanaguchi, minusbaby, Mr. Spastic & crashfaster


Don't miss this EPIC live music event in SF! Witness artists rocking out with hacked retro gaming systems such as NES, Gameboy and Commodore64!

ANAMANAGUCHI (NYC) - a rock band that makes loud, fast, hyper-active, hyper-positive 8bit music with a hacked NES from 1985.

MINUSBABY (NYC) - an electronic maestro who explodes the very meaning of 8bit orchestration with his equatorial beats and bassy bottom end.

MR. SPASTIC (LA) - a chip music virtuoso whose electronic breaks and funky rhythms infect the ears and possess the mind.

CRASHFASTER (SF) - an electro
musician who blends vocoded lyrics with the sexy synthesized sounds of a Gameboy.

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$10 advance/$14 door
Tickets available at DNA Lounge