Derris-Kharlan, Doctor Popular, Decktonic, Space Town Savior, Freaky DNA, E.N. Cowell, Together We Are Robots, Space Boyfriend, DJ Tracer & DJ Saranoia

8bitSF and Monobomb Records Present:

POW POW: Bonus Round

Friday, March 29th at DNA Lounge

$8 Advance/$11 Door/$5 w/ GDC Badge


Derris-Kharlan (MB, AUS) [http://derriskharlan.com/]

Doctor Popular (SF) [http://docpop.bandcamp.com/]

Decktonic (NJ) [http://thisisdecktonic.com/]

Space Town Savior (SD) [http://www.space-town.org/]

Freaky DNA (VC, CA) [http://freakydna.com/]

EN Cowell (SF) [https://soundcloud.com/e-n-cowell/]

Together We Are Robots (SF) [http://www.facebook.com/TogetherWeAreRobots]

Space Boyfriend (LA) [http://spaceboyfriend.com/]

W/ DJs

Tracer (SF) [http://tracervision.com/]

Saranoia (SF)

8bitSF is shutting down GDC with a massive chiptune party! We've brought together some of the best artists from all over the world under one roof, for a fast-paced night of squarewave madness. Our special guest of honor, the incredible Derris-Kharlan comes all the way from Melbourne, Australia to put you under his chip/guitar combo spell.