Slime Girls, Matthew Joseph Payne & Alone In The Universe 5.15.14

8bitSF brings the sounds of Chiptune, Lo-Fi, Electronic and Video Game Music to DNA Lounge every 3rd Thursday!

Slime Girls (SJ)

Matthew Joseph Payne (OAK)

Alone In The Universe (SJ)

Thursday, May 15th
Above DNA Lounge
All Ages
$8 Advance | $11 Door

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Slime Girls is the soundtrack to every time you've dreamed about the far reaches of space, the waves washing over a neon beach, forbidden android romance or giant mechs battling for your planet. From the wastelands of central California comes a distorted pulsewave assault of Nintendo gameboys, guitars and energetic drums. Sometimes fast, lush and loud punk rock, other times melancholy surf jams, sometimes danceable ska, yet always tied together with an electronic wash of melodic chip music.

Matthew Joseph Payne is the chamber-chip-doom-folk solo project of Matt Payne (Glowing Stars, Tensegrity Nine, All My Pretty Ones, The Family Crest extended member). Steeped in dichotomies of light and dark, Matt crafts tunes that wind, travel, drone and gallop through unheard lands.

Alone In The Universe is a chiptune/pop punk trio originating from San Jose, CA. Formed by two brothers and a friend who came from different musical backgrounds to create up-beat and energy-charged songs with 8-bit melodic hooks to take you on an adventure of astronomical proportions.